Learn the art of Bladesmithing at Factory Two!  In this class you will take the skills you have learned in blacksmithing and learn techniques for making a hand forged knife.

Techniques covered are:

-Getting a consistent, desired thickness


-Half Hammer Blows



*Our level one blacksmithing class is required before taking this class*.

** Independent forge practice is recommended before signing up for the class. This would be time spent in the forge outside of the level one blacksmithing class. We need you to be comfortable swinging a hammer.**

***Remember to wear natural fibers. Synthetic fibers can be dangerous.***

****This is a 5 hour class. If you are not able to complete the blade in the scheduled time, you may need to finish the blade on your own time****

Refund Policy

Twenty-four-hour notice (by email or phone call 810-354-7766) is required to cancel a class ticket or reschedule a class. 
No refunds or class rescheduling will be offered if 24-hour notice is not given. 
Exceptions to this policy for extreme circumstances are at the discretion of Factory Two.